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In-Line Inspection Preparation

  • EDGE Integrity Resources can complete all of the field reconnaissance in preparation for in-line inspection. Experienced field personnel will visit a pipeline facility, complete a comprehensive site inspection including:

  • Review of pipeline alignment sheets

  • Measurement of pig trap facilities including wall thickness of key components

  • Identification of pipeline components that may prevent a successful inspection

  • Review of pipeline operating parameters, pressures, flow rates, etc.

  • Completion of Ill tool vendor pipeline questionnaires (multiple vendors if required)

  • Photographs of all pipeline trap locations and features

  • Coordination with local operations personnel and land agents to determine any special access or requirements

  • Assess the cleanliness of the pipeline by running mechanical cleaning pigs. Recommend escalating of the cleaning program if required.

  • Recommendation of pig trap or facility modifications

  • Provide third party inspection for make-ready modifications

  • Anomaly Staking and Excavation Support

EDGE can supply survey personnel to support and anomaly dig program. Survey crews will stake out anomaly locations to customer specifications, using pipeline locators, and slack chain methods. The sites can also be staked out using sub-meter or sub-centimeter GPS.

Surveyors will collect all information about the staked location including:

  • Photographs in four directions of the location

  • Pipeline station number at location

  • Distances from multiple landmarks such as fence lines, roads, etc.

  • Practical Ingress/egress routes for equipment to access the location

  • GPS coordinate location

  • Identification of alignment sheet, tract number, legal description, county

  • Pipeline depth

  • Aerial imagery of staked location

  • A report will be generated for each location with all of the documented data in PDF format. Customized reporting is also available with Google Earth and Delorme navigation files, and Microsoft Excel data listings.

During Excavation EDGE can supply personnel to support repair activities. Using sub-centimeter GPS equipment surveyors can monitor pipe movement at intervals during the backfill of the pipeline. Repair as-built drawings can be completed showing landmarks and pipeline station numbers of repairs and recoats. Crews can also complete GIS mapping surveys documenting the repair locations for inclusion in operator's historical database.

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