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EDGE is composed of highly trained and experienced registered surveyor teams. We utilize the most technologically advanced techniques and equipment in the industry, providing surveying for a wide range of pipelines, from mainline trunk routes to lateral lines for well connections. 

EDGE personnel are an integral part of our whole-team approach, providing a seamless transition to the design, permitting, and construction phases of a project. Our state-of-the-art equipment—like our survey and mapping-grade GPS and our Total Station Systems—allow us to perform surveys that best suit the project. Depending on the need, we use either conventional ground or aerial photogrammetric methods. To date, EDGE Integrity Services’ cumulative experience in ground control for fixed-wing and newer LiDAR surveys spans more than 5,000 miles (and counting). 

Our Services Include

  • Plats and Legal Descriptions for Easements Acquisition

  • GIS Mapping

  • AGM Surveys

  • Geo Tracking

  • As-Built Surveys

  • Area and Boundary Surveys

  • Deed Research

  • Construction Route Survey / Staking

  • Preliminary Route Development and Planning

  • Route Survey

  • Plan & Profile Alignments (Blue Sky)

  • Directional Bore Designs & Exhibits

  • Well Location Staking

  • Bureau of Land Management Surveys

  • Salt Water Disposal Pipelines

  • Containment & Volume Surveys

  • Construction Survey Support

  • Site Development/Layout

  • Control Networks

  • Floodplain Certificates

  • Hydrographic Surveying

  • Frac Ponds

  • Lease Road Exhibits

  • Permitting for Regulatory Agencies (AOGC, ADEQ)

  • Lease and Unit Mapping

  • ALTA Survey

  • High Definition 3D Scanning

  • Seismic Survey

  • Research of Existing Routes for ROW Identification

  • Survey to Establish Oil and Gas Drilling Unit Acreage

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