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Above Ground Marker (AGM) Survey

EDGE Integrity can perform AGM survey to varied customer specifications. Field surveyors have years of experience in the selection of AGM locations that are the most suitable for the type of inspection being employed. EDGE has industry leading proprietary software that facilitates the collection of a wide range of data for every AGM location. The data collection procedure and software have several redundancy features that allow quality control of the data to eliminate field errors. GPS equipment is employed at the customer's accuracy specification (sub-centimeter, sub-decimeter, sub-meter).


AGM Survey reporting is a comprehensive package including:

  • PDF report with AGM site list, GPS coordinates, one-page detailed report for each site, showing site sketch, site photo, and all collected data

  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with a list of all AGM sites and coordinates

  • Delorme Street Atlas file showing all AGM sites, driving directions to each site, notes with special access directions, and pipeline centerline if provided by customer

  • Google Earth file showing all data in the Delorme file

  • GPS raw data for all the GPS data collected in the field

  • Any additional customer requested customized reporting

All data reports are subjected to two levels of quality control prior to delivery to clients. All reported GPS coordinates and surveys are reviewed and approved by our experience personnel prior to final report delivery.

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